Happy ending in Prague – sensual massages are on of the most interesting ways of experiencing the city!

We all know the Charles bridge, the Prague castle and photogenic views. Prague is a nice city, no doubt about it. But there are more ways of experiencing it – how about a happy ending in Prague? That’s right – everyone, no matter their age or gender, can get one in one! How? Read on to find out!

Happy ending in Prague – what is it and how do you get it?

In case you don’t know what a “happy ending” means in this case, it’s really simple – we’re talking about an orgasm. That’s great, you might say, but where can I get one in Prague?  The answer is – at one of the specialised erotic massage salons that provide it there. What are those salons and how they work?

Erotic massage parlours are abounding in the Czech capital

No, these are not brothels and don’t have anything to do with prostitution. Places like these work like a regular massage salon, and should provide everything just like a professional massage salon. But they have an edge over these more conservative places in that they don’t shy from providing their client the extra pleasure in the form of genital stimulation. This stimulation, however, is done solely by hand – no direct intercourse is involved. There are many such places in Prague, and there are many types of massages offered by them. They are not hard to find, so if you’re up for some adventure, this might be it!

 Is an erotic rubdown really worth it?

Most people who have tried one will definitely say yes to that one. An erotic massage combines all the benefits of a standard one, meaning:

  •   Relaxing your muscles
  •   Increasing the blood flow
  •   Boosting the immune system
  •   Relieving pain

Of course, there’s still a debate going on about the degree to which a massage can help in this regard and how. But there must be definitely something that it’s doing right.

And then there’s the benefit of an additional erotic stimulation, which can:

  •   Boost your libido
  •   Flush your system with feel-good hormones and improve your mood
  •   Teach you better sexual control thanks to the special massaging techniques

Overall, it’s definitely a thing worth considering!

What types of services can be expected at these parlours?

“Erotic massage” can be quite a broad term. There are many procedures bearing this name, which can radically differ from each other – with the “happy ending” often being the only common denominator. Each parlour might have a different niche, but the following massages are to be commonly found in most of them:

  •   Classical erotic
  •   Nuru
  •   Tantra
  •   BDSM
  •   Soapy

These cover a wide range of techniques, from the more conservative, Swedish-type massages, to the Japanese “Nuru” – body to body rubdown. It would take too much space to describe each one in detail – but you’ll definitely have it explained thoroughly by the parlour staff, should you opt for one!

Is there an escort service available at these places?

There is – in case you don’t feel like going yourself, basically every erotic parlour offers an outcall option, which is usually available even outside the normal opening hours. It tends to be limited to Prague, but sometimes can go even beyond it!

And now for some final tips if you decide you want your happy ending!

  1. Don’t drink alcohol before. Yes, drinking can boost your confidence. And a shot or two may be OK. But going in drunk can even result in you being refused.
  2. Don’t eat too much. Massaging a stuffed belly will be uncomfortable.
  3. Relieve yourself before you go in. Not only would it interrupt your massage to go to the bathroom, but messy accidents can happen! And that’s not what you want.
  4. Bring cash. Cash is king. Have the right amount at hand.

Equipped with the new knowledge, perhaps you feel tempted to try such an experience in Prague yourself? If so, go on – we’re not keeping you!

Erotic massage can be one thing – what other out-of-the box activities would you recommend or would like to try in Prague? And how do you view these “happy ending” services personally? Beneficial of a “light prostitution”? Discuss in the comments!