Tantric massage – let’s take a look at the dos and don’ts of this exotic procedure

So, you’ve decided to finally order a tantric massage – good for you! Few things can be as satisfying, relieving and exciting as this ancient art. If this is your first session, don’t worry – you’ll be in the hands of professionals who know what they’re doing and are used to dealing with people who have probably much less clue than you do. But to make you really feel at ease, we’ve decided to compile a list of do’s and don’ts to keep in mind during your first visit so that you’ll feel completely at ease. So, without further ado, let’s jump right to it!

Acquaint yourselves with what a tantric massage is and what you’re signing up to

We hope you’ve already done that, but if you didn’t, you most definitely should! Take a look at what is tantra in general and how does it relate to the tantric massage –  there are even ways to get a taste of the tantric stimulation entirely by yourselves. There is no single definitive brand or strand of tantra, however, so also take a look at what the specific service you’re aiming to sign up to.

Once you find yourselves on a massaging bed, let go – but not in that way…

The procedure is supposed to be relaxing and you most definitely should do just that – relax. The downside of extreme relaxation, however, is that it threatens to let loose your bodily functions which are better kept in check. If you break wind in the most intimate moment, the magic will be most likely gone in an instant. Even worse things than that can happen, however, so keep our sound advice and relieve yourself in advance or in a bathroom your salon is sure to have!

If you like something, say it

While you’re not there for a prolonged conversation, definitely make it known if you especially enjoy some move or the stimulation of a certain part more than the other. The experience can be always tailored to suit your needs more, but only if you voice those needs loud and clear first!

Try to take a nap before or after, but not during

You might be tired and the slow pace of tantra and drifting can further hypnotise you so that you get the urge to sleep. But leave that for later please, even if you find it a bit hard to resist! Not only would it be disrespectful, you’d also miss out on a lot, trust us!

Touching is possible, but with permission only

If you wish to return some of the touches you’ll be subjected to, it’s generally fine – you don’t have to lay perfectly still like a statue. Your masseuse may even appreciate your response, but not if it’s unasked for. Always ask her in advance what she would be comfortable with before doing anything rash and disrespectful.

While not always the case, cash is still king in some places

Some massage parlours still prefer the payment to be made in cash, so make sure you make that withdrawal before you arrive there! You’ll waste precious time if you’ll be refused card payment and will be forced to frantically search for the nearest cash machine.

Those are the basic rules which are good to abide by to make the most of your tantric experience. We hope you’ll make good use of them!

Did you get a tantric massage before? How was your experience? If you have anything to add to our list, feel free to do so! What’s your opinion of the “full service” tantra? Do you think it is just a façade for prostitution or does it have genuine merits that go beyond sexual? Leave your comment below!